CORSET TRAINING | The New-Old Figure Shaping Phenomenon

Corset Training Is So Out It's In

It may seem like a Victorian torture garment but corset training is in fact comfortable and more to the point, the contemporary corset is fabulously fashionable again. 

With brands such as Thierry Mugler & Jean Paul Gaultier embracing the tight-lacing corset as much as the 'just for fashion' corset, we've seen this ancient garment dusted off and revitalised into the new, contemporary, modern corset over the last ten years or so. And still the corset keeps on coming down the catwalk. 

You know what? We think it's here to stay.

The functional side of corset training has to be considered alongside the fashion element in order to create a beautiful corset - for further reading on that aspect. But fashion-wise the corset is extremely versatile for incorporating fashion trends into its design. Check out the above image if you don't believe us. 

The corset is the perfect garment for high fashion and like most garments that have survived this long, it's timeless.